What Makes People Want More Self-Control? 

Summary: Study reveals the motivating elements that drive a person's desire to improve self-control.

Source: Bar-Ilan University

Self-control significantly affects well-being and objective success in life. Although many agree that a high degree of self-control is beneficial, helping people develop more self-control is a tricky challenge. Self-control training, like training in any domain, is affected by the basic question of whether a person is motivated to improve self-control. Recent work has found that people differ as to how strongly they desire better self-control, and reveals some of the factors affecting this desire.

Where Do Our Minds Wander? Brain Waves Can Point the Way

Summary: Increased alpha waves in the prefrontal cortex and decreased P3 activity in the parietal cortex are potential neural biomarkers for breaks in our attention span.

Source: UC Berkeley

Anyone who has tried and failed to meditate knows that our minds are rarely still. But where do they roam? New research led by UC Berkeley has come up with a way to track the flow of our internal thought processes and signal whether our minds are focused, fixated or wandering.

How the Brain Paralyzes You While You Sleep

Summary: Neurons in the brainstem suppress unwanted movements during REM sleep in mice, a new study reports.

Source: University of Tsukuba

We laugh when we see Homer Simpson falling asleep while driving, while in church, and while even operating the nuclear reactor. In reality though, narcolepsy, cataplexy, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder are all serious sleep-related illnesses. Researchers at the University of Tsukuba led by Professor Takeshi Sakurai have found neurons in the brain that link all three disorders and could provide a target for treatments.

Mice may 'catch' each other's pain - and pain relief

After an hour of mingling, healthy mice mirror a companion's pain or morphine-induced relief.

A new study finds connections in the brain that are critical for unharmed mice to feel when another mouse is in pain - and when that pain goes away.

Nieuw onderzoek beweert dat bewustzijn zelf een energieveld is 

Algemene anesthesie en normale slaap beïnvloeden de hersenen op een verbazingwekkend vergelijkbare manier als het bewustzijn vervaagt

What happens in the brain when our conscious awareness fades during general anesthesia and normal sleep? Scientists studied this question with novel experimental designs and functional brain imaging. They succeeded in separating the specific changes related to consciousness from the more widespread overall effects, and discovered that the effects of anesthesia and sleep on brain activity were surprisingly similar. These novel findings point to a common central core brain network fundamental for human consciousness.

Still Kids


De komende drie maanden toch eenmaal per maand de patiënten van Still Kids gaan opvolgen te Rijen. Op dinsdag 10 juli, dinsdag 28 augustus en dinsdag 18 september sta ik weer klaar!

The greatest skill that any therapist can possess is the ability to calibrate, or tune in to their client. Matt Hudson has this ability, which allows him to flex his non- verbal and verbal communication within a fraction of a second. This skill once mastered is the single most effective part in your therapeutic approach.

Now that you have discovered that you really do have a Screen in front of you, it's time to discover the language that drives the main access to the inner workings of your Mind. There is a Representational System for each of our senses; this is the way we experience our world. What we actually perceive are representations of what...

Still Kids


Laatste kinderclinic voor de zomervakantie!

Still Kids


Deze keer behandelde ik samen met enkele andere osteopaten een ganse familie tegelijk. Ook dat kan heel veel ophelderen!

Vandaag organiseerde Panta Rhei een congres "Osteopathie bij kinderen" in het Elzenveld te Antwerpen. Ik sprak over het toepassen van BodyMindWorkers bij kinderosteopathie. Boeiend!

Still Kids


Mijn maandelijkse afspraak te Rijen voor Still Kids! Altijd leerzaam!!!

Still Kids


Vandaag behandelen we weer onze Nederlandse kindjes en hun ouders te Rijen in de kinderclinici van Still Kids.