MIND - MindReset©

What we do

MindReset© is the process of teaching you how your mind works. Most problems that you face as a human being in your day to day life, have a neurological connection and it is this, we believe, that keeps you continually re-producing your problem, even though you wish that you didn't do it or have it, your unconscious mind recreates this for you.

We have you use a direct link to your mind via feeding back non-verbal communication. This feedback loop is then interrupted to produce a whole new neurological association, which we find moves you from being a victim of your life story, to becoming the observer.

This shift in neurology transforms your thinking and quite literally saves years of conventional therapy. MindReset© underpins all of our work and is being used to help with all types of conditions where a client may be suffering from dis-ease both physical and mental.

What is a MindReset©?

MindReset© is a combination of my 25 plus years of trauma informed knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge research. First time traumatic experiences create Emotional Memory Images, these are stored in your mind's eye. From this point forward, whenever something similar to the original context or content occurs, your stress response is automatically triggered. This unleashes a cocktail of stress hormones into your system e.g., adrenaline, cortisol etc.

Over a longer period, the stress chemicals can literally erode your physical body: you may even run the risk of losing your mind. Working directly within your mind gives you the ability to clear the root cause of your problem. MindReset© is the process of reconnecting you to you, once fully in touch with yourself, life just becomes easier.

Fear creates a disconnect between your mind and body, it's this separation that is causing you to feel lonely, anxious, or detached.

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